Introducing the SmartHRM™ Solution

A Completely New Approach to Cybersecurity Education, Training and Certification, from Entry-Level to CISO

The End of Traditional Security Awareness Training!

Security awareness training has never been effective. In 2012, we could trace 95% of all cyber break-ins to a human error of one kind or another – a misconfiguration, an over-privileged user, an intentional MFA workaround, or an unintentional click on a malicious email offer. Today, after spending north of $60 Billion on SAT, we can still trace 95% of all cyber break-ins to human error. 

Organizations that are serious about managing human risk are turning to new solutions in a category known as Human Risk Management (HRM). Both Gartner and Forrester have acknowledged the category, named market leaders, and created 
an MQ and Wave for it.

The objectives of Human Risk Management (HRM) are:  

  • Targeting Training to the employees most in need, 
  • Automating Compliance, and 
  • Changing the Culture to a model of security consciousness.  

What makes different?

SmartHRM™ Solution

Uses our customers’ installed security products to aggregate data about employee behaviors and then parses that data in real-time with views by employee, department, team, function, etc.

Drawn From CISOs

All of our coursework is drawn from real-world experience, shared by CISOs who understand the challenges faced by enterprise security teams.

Curated by Practitioners

Passionate practitioners curate our courses and learning paths to make sure they’re structured in a way that works well for you and your organization.

CyberEd Magazine

Spring 2024 Edition

Welcome to Magazine’s Spring Issue. This issue of our quarterly magazine highlights a cover interview with Red Curry and Sam Curry, emphasizing the implications of using AI in cybersecurity, along with key ethical considerations – providing unique perspectives on AI’s upsides and downsides for both cybersecurity and education.

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