Cybersecurity Insights

Be Careful, The Gap is Dangerous!

Rik Ferguson is the VP of Security Intelligence at Forescout, a 15 year veteran with Trend Micro and an expert is the threat intelligence space. Rik is a legend of many talents, as he’s also an accomplished musician and music aficionado.

Rik starts off by sharing his perspective on cybersecurity education and how dangerous the gap can be:

Because security is still seen as a negative influence on the business, it’s still seen as a cost center, it’s still seen as a brake on the business. And you have to understand that brakes are not there, to stop you from going faster, brakes are there to allow you to go faster, safely. That’s why you have brakes on a car. Even the fastest race cars in the world have brakes on them so that they can go really fast, safely and within the required perimeters. And that’s what security should be within a business.

In this episode of Cybersecurity Insights, Rik also discusses:

  • His perspective on how to physically change the dynamic between the attacker and defender;
  • Why we continue insisting on building out flat networks;
  • The opportunity behind security digital transformation.