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$ 549
Per member annually
  • Full access to hundreds of Warrior-class courses
  • Top vendor and industry CERT training
  • 10 continuously refreshed guest lectures
  • Exclusive access to global event content
  • Fundamental security training on key topics
  • Secure coding, pentesting, cloud, SecOps and more


$ 749
Per member annually
  • Sentinel offering PLUS
  • Complete Cyber Warrior learning paths
  • 3 Levels plus 20 industry certifications
  • Extended CERT prep extensions
  • Advanced and rigorous cybersecurity training
  • Forensics, Al/ML, Blockchain, threat hunting, etc.


$ 1,149
Per member annually
  • Warrior offering PLUS
  • Cybersecurity management and leadership training
  • Management, C-level and Board communications
  • Just-in-time, custom lectures by top experts
  • Full access to hundreds of guest lectures
  • Updated daily

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Security Awareness Training

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