Critical Thinking and Design Thinking Meet Cybersecurity

Our coursework on critical thinking and design thinking fills the gap in cybersecurity that insufficiently challenges prevailing views, observes behavior, applies systems thinking to discover the root cause, values speed and internalizes feedback.

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course goals

When critical thinking and design merge into design thinking, we get not only innovation in product and service but also the ability to challenge assumptions. Design thinking is crucial because if we are to reengineer our cybersecurity methods, we must first understand the assumptions that have gotten us to where we are today.

Learners who complete this coursework will challenge assumed models of cybersecurity, eliminate artificial structures inherent in traditional approaches and foster design thinkers who can create new models of cybersecurity designed not upon the assumptions of the past, but based instead on our understanding of multiple potential futures.

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Your CyberEd Instructors

Brian Barnier

Head of Analytics, ValueBridge Advisors

  • Pioneer in bringing industrial-strength design thinking to cybersecurity
  • Partnered in creating ISACA’s Risk IT and COBIT5, the OCEG Red Book and the Shared Assessments Program
  • 2021 ISACA Joseph J. Wasserman Award Recipient
  • Led teams to nine patents at IBM, Nokia and AT&T

Prachee Kale

Co-founder, Think.Design.Cyber.

  • Pioneer in bringing critical, systems and design thinking to the cybersecurity discipline
  • Co-authored the award-winning research article “Cybersecurity: The End Game” published in Taylor and Francis’s EDPACs journal
  • Expert in guiding diverse, high-performing teams to reach their potential