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Identity Security: Moving the Goal Posts

Identity used to be (relatively) easy. Users, networks, role-based controls, a bit of multifactor authentication. Then came digital transformation.

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course goals

With digital transformation comes new topics – new challenges – such as Web 3, the Metaverse, NFTs. Paradigm shift? In this lesson we discuss:

  • The old and new frontiers – what’s shifted?
  • How the identity goal posts have been permanently moved
  • Opportunities and challenges for identity vendors and practitioners alike

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Your CyberEd Instructor

Al Pascual

SVP - Enterprise Risk Solutions, Sontiq, a Transunion Company

As SVP of Research, Al Pascual leads Javelin’s Advisory Services and Custom Research businesses. He provides clients actionable insights on a variety of fraud and security issues, acts as a partner in developing strategies for managing risk, and identifies and raises awareness of future threats and solutions. He researches a range of topics, including the applicability of biometrics in banking and payments, the effect of data breaches on the integrity of consumer identities, the relationship between identity fraud and loyalty, and the best methods for securing payment data and transactions.