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Identity Vetting Using Decentralized ID

Enterprises need a better approach to identity vetting to fully verify all user accounts in a low-friction manner.

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course goals

To create this better approach, some companies, including CVS Health, have made the decision to start leveraging decentralized digital identity technology in a working prototype that implements the Accountable Digital Identity Association’s open specification. In this lesson, CVS Health executives detail how:

  • DIDI empowers a consumer with self-service capabilities to manage and own their identity.
  • Users now can present an assured identity to be used across all applications internally to CVS Health and externally.
  • Account verification will be done before any transaction thereby reducing the risk of fraud.

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Your CyberEd Instructor

Alan Bachmann

Senior Enterprise Architect, CVS Health

Bachmann specializes in researching and developing impactful innovations for emerging technologies, namely IoT (internet of things), Blockchain (Hyperledger), and ECM (enterprise content management) systems.