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Lessons Learned from the Log4j Exploit

The Log4shell vulnerability found in the Log4j logging framework has been recognized as one of the most critical vulnerabilities ever, open source or otherwise. And while the dangers of the Log4j vulnerability remain high, the situation has highlighted an even bigger issue that is plaguing security professionals and developers: If you don’t know what’s in your software supply chain, you’re already behind.

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course goals

When a flaw is disclosed, companies are instantly thrust into a race against time to fix it before it can be exploited by an attacker, meaning every minute counts. If you don’t know what’s in your software, you’re effectively giving hackers a huge head start.

While this outlook might seem bleak, there are easy steps you can take to significantly mitigate risk. This session will help you do that by answering:

  • Why the Log4j vulnerability is so severe and common remediation measures companies took to secure their code
  • How you can improve your security posture with automation and SBOMs, and better prepared for the inevitable next open source vulnerability that comes along

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Your CyberEd Instructor

Ax Sharma

Senior Security Researcher, Sonatype

Endorsed an Exceptional Talent (‘a recognized leader’) in technology by the British Government, Ax is a Security Researcher at Sonatype and Engineer who holds a passion for perpetual learning. His works and expert analyses have frequently been featured by leading media outlets like Fortune, The Register, TechRepublic, CSO Online, BleepingComputer, etc. Ax’s expertise lies in security vulnerability research, reverse engineering, and software development. In his spare time, he loves exploiting vulnerabilities ethically and educating a wide range of audiences.