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Protecting Business with Converged Crypto Management

Digital transformation is everywhere, and it’s a driver of business success. As businesses digitally transform, they must protect the ever-growing number of applications, devices, servers and data across their hybrid cloud infrastructure from sophisticated malicious threats and maintain regulatory compliance.

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Cryptography – secrets, certificates, and keys – protects information and communications so that only the people, systems and devices who need to access it can read and process it.

According to Gartner’s David Mahdi, “Cryptography is critical infrastructure … providing the trust in data that is required for digital business.” Yet organizational silos, multiple security solutions and changing standards make discovering and managing crypto difficult, putting organizations at risk of high-profile breaches, failed compliance audits, legal liability and business outages.

Join Jay Schiavo to learn how the four pillars of converged crypto management can help you remove cryptographic blind spots, avoid application failures and prevent threats.

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Your CyberEd Instructor

Jay Schiavo

Vice President Product Management, Entrust

Schiavo is an accomplished product and business leader with a proven track record for delivering market leading products and solutions, defining strategies, and driving revenue.

He has experience ranging from bringing products and solutions to market for small start-ups to overseeing product lines for large industry-leading organizations.