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Ransomware Masterclass: Take Your Ransomware Defense to the NIST Level

Virtually every organization and industry today is at risk of being targeted by a ransomware attack, and those attacks are more devastating than ever.

The past year has already proven this new reality with major events affecting Colonial Pipeline, DC Police, Kia Motors, Acer and Kaseya – just to name a few.

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Unfortunately, the native auditing and security controls available for protecting data are too simple to be effective against modern attack vectors.

View this masterclass on demand now with Martin Cannard, VP Product Strategy for Stealthbits at Netwrix, and learn how you can proactively mitigate your risk and detect ransomware threats promptly using a NIST-aligned strategy. Discussion topics include:

  • The most common ransomware attacks and how they work
  • The consequences of a ransomware attack and the cost of recovery
  • A NIST-aligned strategy to defend against ransomware
  • How to mitigate the ransomware threat using Stealthbits solutions

Watch our bonus content for a taste of what the coursework will be like.

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Your CyberEd Instructor

Martin Cannard

Vice President of Product Strategy for Stealthbits, Netwrix

Cannard is an experienced technologist, with over 30 years in the privileged access management and security space. Prior to Stealthbits, Cannard led the privileged access team at BeyondTrust where he took their password management solution from unknown to a recognized leader in the industry within three years. At BeyondTrust he also drove the development of their first SaaS PAM product as well as a new micro service-based platform for DevOps security.