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Smarter Threat Management with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Threats continue to evolve in complexity at unprecedented rates, making it a challenge to identify legitimate threats and respond in a timely manner.

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Having a threat management approach is key and by infusing this approach with AI and Machine Learning, we can make decisions faster, identify threats earlier, perform investigations better, and begin response much sooner. These capabilities and tools can help at each phase of the threat management lifecycle to cover a broader spectrum of the threat landscape, efficiently analyze, and ultimately make more intelligent decisions.

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Your CyberEd Instructor

George Nastasi

Associate Partner, Security Intelligence and Operations Consulting, IBM

George leads the IBM Security Intelligence and Operations Consulting practice in Canada. He has over 15 years of extensive experience in security operations working with partners and clients across North America and Europe. As a lead practitioner and subject matter expert, Nastasi works directly with organizations in a wide range of industry segments implementing technologies, including SIEM and SOAR, processes, organizational structure, and governance to manage cybersecurity threats and mitigate risk with quantifiable measures.