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The Schrödinger Guide: Cybersecurity Sales and Marketing

Identify your niche and sell to a specific group. The more specific, the easier it is to connect.
In cybersecurity, no one believes that one product, service, or company can solve everything stay away from that claim never say 100% in any context find what you are good at, and build your brand story around that if that means your target market is only 10% of buyers, then wrap your mind around the idea of owning 80% of 10% – THEN, after you have accomplished that, you can enter a new swim lane. When we brought ACF2 to market at The Cambridge Systems Group, we had

established trust through our engagement with mainframe systems programmers.

That’s what we did for 3 full years, working with systems programmers and early ASM2 sales at countless SHARE conferences. We learned what the influencers wanted –if we had mistakenly tried to sell to the CIO, we would not have achieved 80% of the market share in 18 months –on the buyer’s side, you need an engaged ally and time and capital investment to help earn it.

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