Zero Trust: A Primer in Three Parts

John Kindervag is the Father of Zero Trust, having coined and brought the reference architecture to light in 2011 as a VP and Cybersecurity Senior Analyst for Forrester Research.

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course goals

In this three-part course, John teaches the design principles of Zero Trust, the steps involved in the journey to a Protect Surface, and the definition of the four categories of protection required – Data, Access, Applications and Services.

In this course, participants will learn Zero Trust as both design principle and security strategy with explicit guidelines for implementation along the way. Participants on this three-part journey will discover the keys that make Zero Trust an incremental approach to move the computing environment to a state of improved protection and resilience.

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YOUR CyberEd Instructor

John Kindervag

The Father of Zero Trust

Subject Matter Expertise in:
  • Zero Trust strategy and implementation
  • Rethinking data discovery and data classification
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Secure network architecture design