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CyberEd.io is a comprehensive platform for developing cyber warriors, upskilling cyber professionals, and training executives, with cybersecurity education for all.

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Who We Are

Our founders started out as cybersecurity practitioners and CISOs. They quickly recognized the pressing need for high-quality cybersecurity training to take their teams to the next level.

That’s why CyberEd.io provides one central source for the best real-world, hands-on training just for you and your team. All training and coursework required to close the cybersecurity skills gap is available here, allowing you to seamlessly manage progress. We take out the guesswork and do it all for you.

Mission & Goal

Our mission is to close the gap in cybersecurity talent and technical ability by providing enterprises and individuals the training they need to upskill and reskill.

All of our coursework is drawn from practical, hands-on experience and has been created by some of the top CISOs in the world. Our courses and learning paths are then curated by practitioners who understand the needs of enterprise security teams today and are passionate about elevating education in cybersecurity beyond the theoretical to the real world.

Become a Partner

We are interested in partnering with the best cybersecurity education and training providers in the industry to create the highest quality coursework for our learners. If you are passionate about the mission and goal of closing the skills gap in cybersecurity, we are interested in partnering with you!

Partners Benefits

  • Access to the ISMG network of over 1 million paid subscribers worldwide.
  • Co-branding through the CyberEd.io platform.
  • Collaboration and joint marketing at global security events.

What our Instructors Have to Say

Become an Instructor

CyberEd.io works with award-winning and highly reputable practitioners to develop courses that aren’t available anywhere else. If you have proven in-depth knowledge in cybersecurity and a desire to share your expertise and help create the next generation of cyber professionals, we are interested in hearing from you!

Requirements & Benefits

  • Must demonstrate expertise in their subject-matter area of interest
  • Must be able to dedicate significant effort to course creation and development of supporting instructional materials
  • Instructor will gain access to CyberEd.io network
  • CyberEd.io will promote the Instructor and course