CyberEd Magazine

Winter Edition 

CyberEd Magazine returns with its latest quarterly edition, coinciding with the relaunch of, the cybersecurity education division under Information Security Media Group. The Winter 2023/2024 issue offers valuable insights into cybersecurity education and provides a glimpse into the upcoming year’s plans. Notable features include an exclusive interview with Steve King, Senior Vice President of, emphasizing the imperative need to fortify our cybersecurity culture and addressing the potential hindrances posed by inflexibility and a lack of innovation in keeping pace with anticipated AI developments in the coming year.

Additionally, readers can explore the top ten cybersecurity threat predictions for 2024, key takeaways from recent cybersecurity conferences, and an in-depth look at CyberEd Learning Paths for Security Engineering and Forensics. The issue also showcases recent podcasts, providing a comprehensive overview of the cybersecurity landscape.

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