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Hollywood and AI

We are pretty sure we will get to start watching movies entirely sourced from AI/ML, and a developing list of features we will be looking for soon, will get there as well.

But, the industry’s labor movements, highlighted by last year’s strikes, underscore the need for a balanced approach that respects creative labor while embracing technological advancements. And, it will be one where everyone walks away happy

The debate extends beyond Hollywood, with startups like Runway pushing the boundaries of video editing and post-production through AI. Runway’s technology, for instance, played a role in the visual effects of the Academy Award-winning film “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” demonstrating AI’s growing influence in mainstream cinema.

As the technology evolves, so does the dialogue with the creative community. Runway’s efforts to engage artists at various levels aim to foster a collaborative environment where feedback informs the development of tools that enhance, rather than replace, the creative process.

The potential applications of AI in video production span beyond entertainment to include marketing, sales, and even the development of training simulations for autonomous vehicles. The ability to generate realistic simulations opens new avenues for innovation across industries, from creating marketing materials to enhancing the training of AI systems.

The conversation around AI in video production is just beginning. With the promise of further development and experimentation in the near future, the intersection of AI and filmmaking remains a fertile ground for exploration, challenging creators and technologists to reimagine the boundaries of storytelling and visual communication.

A booming field in a challenging market that will present opportunities to so many creatives who if not well trained by then, may result in trees falling in forests.

Getting ready its not hard to do – you just wanna get after it.

Some of the most important meetings in Hollywood history will take place in the coming week, as OpenAI hits Hollywood to show the potential of its “Sora” software to studios, talent agencies, and media executives.

This groundbreaking software has the potential to transform the filmmaking process, as evidenced by producer Tyler Perry’s reaction. After witnessing Sora’s capabilities, Perry paused an $800 million studio expansion, highlighting the profound impact AI could have on the industry.

Sora’s introduction to Hollywood comes amid concerns about the future of jobs and the need for regulation to protect industry professionals. The technology’s ability to automate aspects of movie production has sparked both excitement and apprehension. OpenAI’s approach involves collaborative and phased deployment to ensure safe implementation and to prepare the creative community for upcoming changes.

As AI continues to influence Hollywood, discussions about its integration and implications are becoming increasingly important. OpenAI’s strategy aims to foster an ongoing dialogue with artists and creatives to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by AI advancements in the entertainment sector.

With the potential release of Sora to the public marked for later this year, it will prompt a major shift in the landscape of film production and content creation, and I personally believe movies will be become available to anyone with an idea and a script in her head.

And we can’t wait.


Steve King

Managing Director, CyberEd

King, an experienced cybersecurity professional, has served in senior leadership roles in technology development for the past 20 years. He began his career as a software engineer at IBM, served Memorex and Health Application Systems as CIO and became the West Coast managing partner of MarchFIRST, Inc. overseeing significant client projects. He subsequently founded Endymion Systems, a digital agency and network infrastructure company and took them to $50m in revenue before being acquired by Soluziona SA. Throughout his career, Steve has held leadership positions in startups, such as VIT, SeeCommerce and Netswitch Technology Management, contributing to their growth and success in roles ranging from CMO and CRO to CTO and CEO.

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