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Changing the Payments Industry with AI


Oliver Tearle, Head of innovation technology, The AI Corporation
Oliver Tearle is the head of innovation technology at The AI Corporation, leading the development of AI and machine learning and fraud prevention solutions and also heads up the businesses R&D collaboration with the University of Southampton. Today we’ll be discussing the ways that generative AI will change the payments industry and it couldn’t be timelier. Oliver kicks this episode off with a bit on his background and FBI corp.:

As head of technology innovation at AI, we are specialists in online payments and fraud prevention. I’m responsible for the technology strategy of the business, researching integrating technology into our solutions, including our internal tools and the processes that we have within the business. My focus there is really an operational efficiency through automation.

In this episode of Cybersecurity Insights, Oliver also discusses:

  • How a false bank account can be created;
  • Detecting AI generated content in fraud case investigations;
  • If we’ll be able to outrun the risks overtime.

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