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Curry Brothers on Cyber Warfare – Part 2 

From left: Red Curry, CMO, Tautuk™ (formerly vFortified) & Sam Curry, VP, CISO, Zscaler

Red Curry is a seasoned CMO, creative director, graphic designer and master storyteller with over 20 years of experience leading creative and strategic teams for companies such as RSA/EMC, METTLER TOLEDO and SSH Communications Security. In addition to his expertise in design, Red has established himself as a thought leader in the cybersecurity industry, with more than a decade of experience safeguarding sensitive data and combating cyberthreats. His work spans various industries, including manufacturing, retail and technology. Red’s philosophy is to use a mix of mediums to narrate stories that highlight a company’s unique qualities and motivate action. Red is passionate about generating ideas that enhance brand recognition and help companies distinguish themselves in today’s competitive business environment. 

Sam Curry, VP and CISO at Zscaler, is a 30-year veteran of the cybersecurity industry. Commencing his career in signals and cryptanalysis, he was the first employee at Signal 9 Solutions – a pioneering startup that invented the personal firewall, executed the first commercial implementation of Blowfish, and devised early stealthy (symmetric key) VPN technology that was ultimately sold to McAfee. 

Sam went on to serve as chief security architect and head of product for Subsequently, he held several positions at RSA, including head of RSA Labs at MIT, head of product, and CTO, as well as a distinguished engineer for EMC. After seven years with RSA, Sam served as SVP and CISO at MicroStrategy; CSO and CTO for Arbor Networks before it became Netscout; and as CSO for Cybereason. 

Sam is a Forbes contributor and holds 17 active patents in cybersecurity. He serves on two boards of directors. In addition, he teaches courses at Harvard University (online), Wentworth Institute of Technology and Nichols College. Sam is also a fellow at the National Security Institute at George Mason University. 

And in times of war, we want redundancy in our supply chain, and that means some cost you pay for redundancy..., Sam said.


In this episode of Cybersecurity Insights, Red and Sam discussed: 

  • Cyber operations in the Ukraine conflict; 
  • The role of cyber intelligence in military engagements; 
  • The underlying factors driving these cyberattacks; 
  • Various other pertinent topics. 

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