Cybersecurity Insights

Shifting Perspectives on Threat Actors

Ganesh Pai, Founder and CEO, Uptycs

Ganesh Pai is the founder and CEO of Uptycs. He previously served as the chief architect, Carrier Products and Strategy, Akamai Technologies – a leading provider of content delivery network services. Prior to Akamai, Ganesh was the founder and VP systems architecture of Verivue. Preceding his tenure at Verivue, he was principal architect for NetDevices, and before that, he held the positions of engineering manager and software architect at Sonus Networks. Ganesh is a Boston-based entrepreneur and technologist and has been awarded multiple U.S. patents.

You can't secure what you’re not aware of...


In this episode of Cybersecurity Insights, Ganesh discussed:

  • The current landscape of cloud security tools;
  • Understanding threat actors and their attack techniques;
  • Exploring the impact of generative AI and automation in cybersecurity;
  • And much more.

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