Cybersecurity Insights

The Final Layer of Defense

Michael Gorelik, CTO, Morphisec

Michael Gorelik has served as the CTO or VP Engineering with Morphisec for 9 years and has spent over 15 years in Cybersecurity engineering and architecture. While at Morphisec, he developed the Automated-Moving-Target-Defense technology (AMTD) which has recently become increasingly popular as a significant risk-reduction strategy and preventive measure that reduces adversary success rates. Michael earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees in computer science from Ben-Gurion University.

Michael kicks this episode off with a bit on his background and Morphisec.

The security stack is predictable, doesn't change a lot, and the time to execute an attack becomes shorter and shorter...


In this episode of Cybersecurity Insights, Michael discusses:

  • What problem does Morphisec solve and who do they solve it for;
  • How big a role do they expect generative AI to play in future releases, if any;
  • His thoughts on the future of AI in cybersecurity.

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