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Pat McGarry, chief technology officer, ThreatBlockr

Pat McGarry is the chief technology officer at ThreatBlockr and has been in the business for around 20-25 years with a couple of degrees from Virginia Tech in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. He’s been in the engineering and software technology world for that whole time and mostly wandered between product management and chief technology roles.

Pat starts us off with some background on himself and ThreatBlockr:

There are a couple of things, when you start looking at what we do versus and I'll step back and talk about what the industry is doing. And the hole that that we saw there. For the past 12-15 years, since the advent of that next-generation firewall, and 12 years later, we're still calling it next-generation firewall - that should be a lightbulb moment right there - how's it still next generation 12 years later?


In this episode of Cybersecurity Insights, Pat also discusses:

  • How threat blocking works;
  • How to determine whether a bad actor at the other end is in fact real;
  • His take on cybersecurity awareness training.

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