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"I think one of the most critical needs we have in this space is a lack of shared knowledge. CyberEd.io has a massive network and distribution channel that I see as an avenue to rectifying some of that lack of shared institutional experience via their well-managed digital channel. By teaming up with and authoring content on CyberEd.io, I know that we will have made a contribution to the collective good of cyber security practitioners, leaders, researchers, and learners that is critical to our future success and overall security posture."
Dr. Chase Cunningham
Chief Strategy Officer, Ericom
CyberEd.io Faculty

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CyberEd.io works with award-winning and highly reputable practitioners to develop courses that aren’t available anywhere else.

If you have proven in-depth knowledge in cybersecurity and a desire to share your expertise and help create the next generation of cyber professionals, we are interested in hearing from you.

Requirements & Benefits

  • Must demonstrate expertise in their subject-matter area of interest.
  • Must be able to dedicate significant effort to course creation and development of supporting instructional materials.
  • Faculty will gain access to CyberEd.io network.
  • CyberEd.io will promote the faculty and course .

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