Cybersecurity Insights

Finding Clarity in the Noise: Visibility + AI 

Oliver Tavakoli, CTO, Vectra AI

Oliver Tavakoli is chief technology officer at Vectra. Oliver is a technologist who has alternated between working for large and small companies throughout his 25-year career – he is clearly doing the latter right now. Prior to joining Vectra, Oliver spent more than seven years at Juniper as chief technical officer for the security business. Oliver joined Juniper as a result of its acquisition of Funk Software, where he was CTO and better known as developer #1 for Steel-Belted Radius. Prior to joining Funk Software, Oliver co-founded Trilogy Inc. and prior to that, he did stints at Novell, Fluent Machines and IBM. Oliver received an MS in mathematics and a BA in mathematics and computer science from the University of Tennessee. 

Oliver joined us today to talk about alert volume and Generative AI. 

Nowadays, a lot of what AI means, oftentimes, is forms of neural networks, and these underpin today's revolution of generative AI, the LMS, the like language models, the chatbots that you see out there…


In this episode of Cybersecurity Insights, Oliver discusses:    

  • Alert fatigue and how Vectra AI solves for most; 
  • What specific form of AI gets leveraged by Vectra AI, and why; 
  • Generative AI In cybersecurity defense; 
  • And much more.