Cybersecurity Insights

The Dangers of Generative AI in Incident Response 

Alex Waintraub, DFIR Expert Evangelist, CYGNVS

Alex Waintraub is a DFIR Expert Evangelist at CYGNVS, a first-of-its-kind, guided cyber crisis preparation and response platform. He has more than a decade of experience leading SOCs, incident response plans, threat intelligence operations and cyber threat hunting teams’ response, containment, and remediation methods. Prior to joining CYGNVS, Alex served as VP of Incident Response for BNY Mellon, as well as led incident response and cyber operations at Barclays Investment Bank and BlueVoyant. 

Alex joined us today to talk about the dangers of Generative AI in Incidence Response world. 

We do see solutions using it to provide an additional layer of security and prevention detection. But I haven't seen those regulations on like removing it completely...


In this episode of Cybersecurity Insights, Alex discusses:  

  • ChatGPT’s role in Incident response; 
  • What cygnus does and its business model; 
  • How AI helps in cybersecurity defense; 
  • And much more.