Zero Trust Network Access

CyberEd research report Zero Trust Network Access Read the Findings!   Our colleague, Dr. Chase Cunningham, the widely acknowledged Doctor of Zero Trust, and current Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Ericom Software, has put together a lecture focusing on the origins and history of remote network access, VPNs and the evolution through design and architectural […]

ICS/OT Risk Report

June 2022 ICS/OT Risk Report Read the Findings! Level Zero. ICS/OT security is an emerging technology category that is rapidly growing in importance. In the past twelve months, we’ve seen high-profile cyberattacks on Colonial Pipeline, an American oil pipeline system that carries gasoline and jet fuel to the Eastern Seaboard, JBS Food, a food processing […]

Losing Control in a Distributed Education Ecosystem

a cybertheory technology briefing Cybersecurity Leaders Are Losing Control in a Distributed Education Ecosystem Read the Findings! Trends in Cybersecurity for Increased, Enterprise Wide Education and Training. The data points and co-indicators contained in this research report argue against traditional approaches to education and training. These unhelpful educational trends developed in spite of programs that […]

How to Sell Cybersecurity to Your Board

A cybertheory Research report How to Sell Cybersecurity to Your Board Read the Findings! Empathy. The heart and soul of any marketing campaign is empathy. You have to be able to take the customer’s perspective and make a human connection. It’s easy to lose the human connection when you’re writing or speaking about malware, detection, […]

Using Maneuver Warfare to Conduct Zero Trust Cyber Warfare

Cybertheory institute presents Using Maneuver Warfare to Conduct Zero Trust Cyber Warfare Read the Findings! It’s time to implement maneuver warfare into your approach to cybersecurity. The successful conduct of a cyberwar campaign requires a leader skilled in the art of maneuver warfare. Maneuver warfare involves the foundational principles on which you can build a strategy […]